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I’ve fallen into bara hell and lemme tell ya it’s been a wild ride so far


dolce & gabbana
fw 12



say those three words and i’m yours

neon genesis evangelion

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when you fighting and you go to poke your enemies eye but you forget that you shot it out earlier and he smile at you after you do it



Part IV Jotaro Kujo Super Action Statue, re-release.

Medicos.  ¥4500.  November 2014. 

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theswedeperspective sent: So I just kinda stumbled onto your blog but you seem really cool (Scandinavian JoJo nerds represent!) and you dress really cool and I am mad jealous of that Dio statue like holy shit! Oh right, I should probably ask some sort of question too. Favorite JoJo protagonist and antagonist?

!!! Scandinavian JoJo nerds hello neighbour!! And thank you aah that made me really happy ; v ; Mmmmmmm man deciding between favorite protags and antagonists is really hard…………….. I’d say my fav protag is Joseph or pt4 Josuke and fav antagonist is probably Dio..!